“TOUSHINSAI” is an e-Sports event held by TAITO corporation dedicated for arcade games where participants gather from all over the world to compete skills. We appreciate for every player’s understanding and cooperation based on fair sportsmanship to achieve proper and smooth administration.
Tournament Rules
TOUSHINSAI 2020 “Street Fighter V: Type Arcade” Las Vegas Qualifier
  • Open tournament in which anyone can participate.
  • 3on3(Team Battle), single elimination tournament
-Qualifier Rules-
*Las Vegas Qualifier will use “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” for PC(Steam).
*TOUSHINSAI in Japan will use “Street Fighter V: Type Arcade”
  • 3on3 (Team Battle)
  • Starting player declaration (simultaneous declaration from both teams to the judge)
  • A “Team Battle” is a sequence of sets played between the two (2) teams. A battle is won by eliminating all three (3) players from the opposing team through match victories.
  • A “Match” is won by winning two (2) rounds. Both players exit the stage at the end of a match and the next player enters the stage.
    The winning player moves to the next available match for their team. The losing player is eliminated from the battle.
  • All characters selectable.
  • No multiple characters in same team during a battle.
  • Characters changeable each battle. Not during a battle.
  • Play side(1P/2P) chosen by the winner of rock-paper-scissors game before each battle.
  • V Trigger can be changed at the beginning of each battle. Not during a battle.
  • The Kanzuki Beach, Training mode, Flamenco Tavern, and Skies of Honor stages are banned.
  • The R. Mika Professional Costume (Pom-Poms) is banned.
  • Others based on basic settings.
  • Latest versions of the game at the tournament date will be used.
  • Player should stop playing immediately and declare to the judge if they detect any extraordinary condition with controllers or the game.
*If the judge cannot verify any extraordinary condition, the declarator, not the team, will be regarded as the loser of the match.
-Other Notes-
  • No controllers will be provided. Please bring your own.
  • No converters except for Brook’s can be used.
  • Non-genuine controllers are allowed except ones with multiple buttons wired.
  • The use of the controller with the blaze function and the macro function is prohibited.
*Rules are set to administrate the tournament fairly and smooth. There can be optimal adds and changes on the day depending on circumstances.
-Las Vegas Qualifier-
  • As participation fee, USD60 per team is collected at the reception of The Wall.
  • Please follow the instructions to the facility manager regarding facility use.
  • 13 years or younger participant needs to apply the written consent of parent at the reception.
-Regarding Las Vegas Qualifier Winner prize-
  • The winner will be awarded as the TOUSHINSAI Las Vegas Qualifier Finalist (Golden Ticket) and given three round-trip flight tickets to Tokyo for participation.
  • Replacement of team member is prohibited in principle. If there are special circumstances (such as an accident), this is not the case.
  • The event item in the final tournament will be Street Fighter V TYPE ARCADE.
  • The schedule for the final tournament will be announced later.
  • No tickets given for Japanese residents.
  • A team consisting of all Japanese residents will not be applicable to receive a golden ticket.
    *Please participate the qualifier in Japan.
  • The maximum ticket price per person is 1,500USD.
  • In principle, it will be an economy class and seat upgrading will be at your own expense.
  • We will contact the winner one or two months prior to the final tournament to inform you about the arrangement of the flight tickets.
  • Transportation expenses other than airline tickets are not included.
  • Accommodation expenses during stay in Japan are not included.
  • Period of the stay shall be decided in consultation with the management and the winner.
  • Regarding this matter, if the following matters apply, the winner's right (flight ticket, final tournament participation) will be granted to the team of the next point.
    • In case we cannot contact the winner for arranging the ticket
    • In case the winner cannot participate in the final tournament, or in case the winner goes to the commission for the offer to decline.
    • In case of a statement or behavior that significantly damages the brand or the authority of the tournament
    • When it is judged by the commission as inappropriate
–Tournament Notes–
Rule violation
The following actions are prohibited in "TOUSHINSAI 2020 Street Fighter V Type Arcade Las Vegas Qualifier":
  • The act of intentionally inputting false contents in the entry registration.
  • The act of intentionally duplicating entries in the same tournament and affecting operations.
■Acts at the venue
  • Eating, drinking and smoking outside the designated area
  • Harassment, inappropriate speech and behavior
  • Acts related to gambling
  • Acts against public order, morals and sportsmanship
  • Other acts that the administration and facility manager judge as inappropriate
■Acts during the match
  • Encouraging the other party to lose intentionally.
  • Interrupting the match such as game equipment destruction or power off
  • Interrupting the match progress by making loud noises during the battle. (Including the audience)
■About tournament participation
  • The act of not being in the match place at designated match time or being late.
  • Acts that intentionally interfere with the progress or operation of the event.
  • Acts that do not follow the instructions of the operation staff.
  • If the management judges that the above conditions are violated, a penalty may be awarded.
  • Penalties imposed on offenders include the loss of titles, the loss of prizes and qualifications to the finals, the invalidation of entries, and the prohibition to the tournament.
  • Depending on the degree of violation, the penalty given will be determined by the management.
  • Even if any damage occurs because of using, spreading, diverting, etc., the information published on this site, TOUSHINSAI Commission will not take any responsibility.
  • TOUSHINSAI 2020 Street Fighter V Type Arcade Las Vegas Qualifier, regarding natural disasters, accidents, legal changes, etc. If a force majeure situation occurs, the schedule of the event (such as postponement / cancellation) and the content of the tournament (prize cancellation) The cancellation may be subject to change, but TOUSHINSAI Commission will not take any responsibility.
  • If the participant is injured or hurt others during the tournament without the responsibility of TOUSHINSAI Commission, TOUSHINSAI Commission will not take any responsibility.
About the handling of portrait rights and personal information
  • TOUSHINSAI Commission will use the collected information for the purpose of the tournament management / publicity regarding personal information registered at the time of entry by the participant, information including the player name, age and portrait of the participant.
  • During and after the tournament, the images and videos of the participants may be taken by the TOUSHINSAI Commission, related parties, and various media, and be posted on various media including websites, publicity materials, paper media, and broadcasting.
    The participant agrees the above with the entry.